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February 08 2018

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For my fellow writers, this neural network-generated Coachella lineup is all the fictional band names you will ever need. (also, Goody Fyne is my new favorite white girl rapper, and Fistopia sounds like an amazing music festival.)

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Wind farms could protect from hurricanes

Wind farms take energy out of the atmosphere and convert it to electricity, so what happens if a storm hits a big enough wind farm? We heard one answer at #AGU13.

Scientists Mark Jacobson from Stanford took two infamous storms – hurricane Katrina and hurricane Sandy, and asked what would have happened if those storms ran into a big wind farms. The resultsare pretty startling.

If those storms ran into large enough wind farms…most of their energy would have been stolen by the windmills. For Katrina…hitting the right wind farm would cut the wind energy of the storm by 50% and cut the storm surge by 72%. A similar situation for hurricane Sandy would have knocked off 21% of the storm surge from that monster.

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whoa. this is big.





TIL of the “Tiffany Problem”. Tiffany is a medieval name—short for Theophania—from the 12th century. Authors can’t use it in historical or fantasy fiction, however, because the name looks too modern. This is an example of how reality is sometimes too unrealistic.

via reddit.com

“Authors can’t use it in fantasy fiction, eh? We’ll see about that…”

–Terry Pratchett, probably

Try to implement anything but a conservative’s sixth grade education level of medieval or Victorian times and you will butt into this. all. the. time. 

There was a literaly fad in the 1890′s for nipple rings for all genders(and NO, it was NOT under the mistaken belief that it would help breastfeeding–there’s LOTS of doctors’ writing at the time telling people to STOP and that they thought it would ruin the breast’s ability to breastfeed well, etc). It was straight up because the Victorians were freaks, okay
Imagine trying to make a Victorian character with nipple rings. IMAGINE THE ACCUSATIONS OF GROSS HISTORICAL INACCURACY

people just really, REALLY have entrenched ideas of what people in the past were like

tell them the vikings were clean, had a complex democratic legal system, respected women, had freeform rap battles, and had child support payments? theyd call you a liar

tell them that chopsticks became popular in china during the bronze age because street food vendors were all the rage and they wanted to have disposable eating utensils? theyll say youre making that up

tell them native americans had a trade network stretching from canada to peru and built sacred mounds bigger then the pyramids of giza? you are some SJW twisting facts

ancient egypt had circular saws, debt cards, and eye surgery? are you high?

our misconception of medieval peasants being illiterate and living in poverty in one room mud huts being their own creation as part of a century long tax aversion scam? you stole that from the game of thrones reject bin

iron age india had stone telescopes, air conditioning, and the number 0 along with all ‘arabic’ numbers including algebra and calculus? i understand some of those words.

romans had accurate maps detailing vacation travel times along with a star rating for hotels along the way, fast food restaurants, swiss army knives, black soldiers in brittany, traded with china, and that soldiers wrote thank-you notes when their parents sent them underwear in the mail? but they thought the earth was flat!

ancient bronze age mesopotamia had pedantic complaints sent to merchants about crappy goods, comedic performances, and transgender/nobinary representation? what are you smoking?

February 07 2018

WATCH: Hero Dad Saves 30 People From Gunman – Cops Show Up And Shoot HIM





Now this is some bullshit!

Independence, Missouri – The man who should be celebrated as a hero for saving his wife, daughter, and at least 30 strangers from an armed gunman during an attempted robbery, is now recovering from a gunshot wound after police arrived at the scene and shot him.

Mike Becker, 31, told the Kansas City Star that he grabbed his handgun and rushed to the local Dollar General after he received a call from his wife saying that she, their 4-year-old daughter, and several other customers in the store were being threatened by a man with a gun.

While the customers huddled together in the back of the store, Becker’s wife hid their daughter behind bags of dog food. When Becker arrived, he said he found the gunman outside, pounding on the glass door.

“The only thing in my mind was my baby and wife,” Becker said, describing how he intervened and put his body between the gunman and the glass. “There was no way the gunman was getting in that store.”

When police officers finally arrived at the scene, Becker told the Star that he dropped his gun and raised his hands in the air, in an attempt to show police that he was not a threat.

But then the unthinkable happened—even though Becker had his hands in the air, the officers shot him with a rifle, wounding his hip. Bystanders who witnessed the scene said that they were shocked to watch officers shoot the man who was brave enough to confront the gunman.

“I was figuring, ‘How the hell do they shoot him?’ He never pointed a gun at the cops. He complied with everything they said … and then you heard a pop,” Raymond Watts told the Star.

Police eventually arrested the gunman, but despite the fact that witnesses claimed they were yelling at officers and telling them that they shot an innocent man, the officers still proceeded to put Becker in handcuffs, and they refused to let his wife near him.

In a statement, the Independence Police Department claimed it is “investigating an officer-involved shooting that occurred outside the Dollar General,” after officers received “a call of an armed subject.”

The statement did say that while no officers were injured, “two subjects were shot” and they were both “transported to area hospitals with injuries.” However, the statement also claimed that both of the men who were shot by police were armed. It failed to admit that one of those men dropped his firearm on the ground and raised his armed in surrender before he was shot by police.

Another witness to the shooting, Whitney Thomas, also told the Kansas City Star that Becker’s gun was clearly on the ground at the time police opened fire. “His gun was on the ground. He didn’t have it in his hands any longer,” she said.

Thomas was inside the store at the time the gunman arrived, and she said that she heard a Dollar General employee on the phone, telling a police dispatcher that the suspect was slender, wearing a green jacket, and looked to be in his 50s.

However, Becker is 20 years younger, heavyset and he was wearing a black jacket. Thomas said this led her to question why police would shoot a man who was not only not posing a threat to anyone, but who also did not match the description of their suspect.

“I understand as police you have to put your life on the line … but to take it into your own judgment to shoot an innocent man when he didn’t fit the description?” Thomas said.

Becker, who is still suffering from the injuries he sustained during the shooting, told the Star that police have been “extremely tight-lipped” about the incident, causing rumors to spread in the town that HE was the one who initiated the robbery.

While it remains to be seen whether the officers responsible for the shooting will be held accountable for their reckless actions, it should be noted that this is not the first time such an incident has occurred. As The Free Thought Project has reported, in one case, a woman in Eufaula, Oklahoma, was shot nine times by police, while she was being held hostage during a bank robbery.

pussy ass fucking cops

“Then the unthinkable happened”

Err not really at this point lol

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Dice mountain ♥

Unpopular opinion time!~





I lose followers every day anyways, so I’m ready.

Can the Bungou Stray Dogs fandom lose this tunnel vision thing?

  • Stop fucking filling out a character with one fucking trait.

I’m sure as hell not an expert on characterization, but I’d rather avoid writing anything about them or their POV than have something like this in my fics / headcanons and I see this shit so so so much on my dash, I’d rather not open the app again.

Dazai doesn’t think about suicide 24/7, his thoughts are a bit more than “god I wish I could OD heroin but Kunikida asked me to help him today ugh”. If that’s all you can think of when writing Dazai then you don’t understand his character at all… Even the jokes about it aren’t funny anymore, at least I rather sigh tiredly than laugh.

I have no idea how the fuck did you come up with Chuuya being a weak, fragile damsel in distress but let me introduce you to Nakahara “fucking top martial artist in the Port fucking Mafia” Chuuya. He is an executive, his life doesn’t revolve around Dazai leaving the mafia, crying his lonely sorrow into his pillow.

Also, he likes booze, I like booze too. Does that make me an alcoholic? Writing that he needs a few shots every morning just because Dazai exists is not funny or a good addition to his character at all, he’s not selling his soul for a fucking bottle of tequila either. Having a drink sometimes (even getting hammered once in a while) or appreciating good wine because you actually know some shit about it not just toss it back saying “yupp this is wine” isn’t the same and I hate people who think that drinking to every problem you have is the shit, like, what are you? 16? Living your rebel days or something? I’m sorry (am I…?) but I’m so tired of seeing Chuuya portrayed either as an alcoholic or some angry little princess.

Akutagawa sure as fuck knows more words than “senpai” and “jinko”. He’s more than notice me senpai and die jinko, please look at his character a bit more, bye.

  • *sigh* About the angst swamp:

As someone who is absolute shit at plot (although I do have decent ideas)  I know it’s hard to write plot, but honestly, this fandom made me revolted of angst. I can’t even read headcanons anymore just scroll past quickly, not to mention fics, because I see the same shit again and again and again. Wait, let me think… *counts on fingers*  one of them dying, memoryloss, coma, be happy without me, or some angsty dramatic shit that’s rather annoying than a good emotional journey.

Don’t get me wrong, there is good angst, there are heart-wrenching and good stories with an emotional rollercoaster where the angst isn’t for the sake of ‘just because’ an empty and cheap throw-in so the rather bland story would have some weight in it, but because it fits the story and the message, emphasis on: fits, not comes out nowhere in an attempt to make readers bang their head into the wall, not gettin answers and just burn all the loose ends, writing block and plotholes in it, but it’s very rare and if you thought popular fic writers are exempt from this, you’re wrong. I’m not into this sheep mentality either, I don’t worship people like gods, just because they are popular and I do not give a shit about their kudos or follower count, if I didn’t like the story, then I didn’t like the story, that’s it.  Don’t worry, I’m ready for all their fanarmy to bomb me with hate.

  • Why am I being a bitch about this?

Because I love the bsd universe and I love the complex characters, you can do so much with them, throw them into interesting situations, they have abilities ffs, you can do so much in this universe, from their own to some fantasy/sci-fi au/historical/ anything, really. You don’t have to be completely original, you can draw inspiration from movies, books, whatever, don’t be afraid because you’re using something you saw or read as an AU. I’m just so bored and tired that you want to make this fandom nothing more but an angst factory, these characters deserve more than that.

This is only my opinion, you can write whatever you want, post whatever you want, I don’t care if all you want to write is these exact things over and over, I can still have an opinion about it and shout it into the void.

I might have been spoiled in other fandoms, since I saw so many good and creative fics and headcanons and art, but I do believe this fandom can and deserve to do more than this.

*opens arms* Welcome haters and unfollowers.

Also can we all stop sleeping on how amazing Kunikida is? Stop portraying him as this aggressive OCD person, when he’s so so much more.
He isn’t cold and heartless, he tries to follow his own ideals. Fuck it’s written that he hates authority so why the fuck would you paint him as this law-abiding citizen?
He doesn’t hate Dazai, he deeply cares about Dazai. He wants to see Dazai become a better person. He’s one of the people who makes Dazai have faith in the “good” side so stop ignoring him!

Moving on, WHY DO PEOPLE HATE ANGO?? “Cause he caused Oda-” No. Stop riiiiiiiiiiiight there. Ango was just a cog in the wheel, a pawn used in Mori’s scheme. He didn’t want to betray his friends, who would? But his situation required him to put his life on his line and that’s ok! It’s alright to have a bit of self-preservation. 
His job was super stressful, he was a triple agent, when his previous job was being a government employee. So he must be highly skilled, and Mori exploited that.
Oda’s death was NOT cause by Ango, Ango was a domino whose actions led to Oda’s death in the chain of events. So suck it.

Hey I’m old and tired and don’t really participate enough in the bsd fandom to see most of these examples in action, but also, in case someone read this post and thought ‘Well looks like fandom doesn’t care about my output’ STOP RIGHT THERE.

Like OP said, they have a right to voice their opinion and critique a fandom’s output, just like YOU have a right to write/draw/headcanon whatever you want. From my experience, anime/manga/video game fandoms tend to have a younger demographic, and a younger demographic means younger people who are just earning their chops when it comes to writing. 

Yes, I’m going to talk about writing because an artist’s skill doesn’t necessarily have to do with age, but a writer’s skill DOES. It doesn’t matter how grammatically flawless and beautifully executed your story is: there are some things you understand/experience better when you age. That doesn’t necessarily mean older people = better writers. You need practise. You need to keep writing. You need to read more. You also need to see more, feel more, experience more, just live more. My life isn’t exciting, but boy do I love listening to other people whose lives are exciting. Listen, observe, eavesdrop if you fucking want. It’s a continuing process. 

A young person’s brain is still in development. Some people say a person’s brain is fully developed at 25 or so. (Wow, isn’t that old?) Young people don’t think like adults and that’s why it’s not easy for first-time writers to explore the minds and personalities of older characters. Do I get tired of seeing my older favourites being written like 14 year olds? Sure I do. But that doesn’t mean a young writer has to stop writing and exploring their own ideas. I’d been there, done that, I want to burn all the stories I wrote when I was 16 to the ground. 


You might have tunnel vision now, you might fall into stereotypes and character generalisations, you might write cliched stories with no soul, create nothing new, write fics no one will read. But don’t stop creating. Don’t stop looking at other people or observing other lives. You’ll get there soon. It’s not easy creating well-rounded characters. Heck you think anime/manga/video games don’t have the same problem? 

I’ve been in several other fandoms. I was from book fandoms before I switched back to anime/manga/video games. So far BSD (and SKK in particular) isn’t actually that bad. It gave me hope that maybe anime/manga fandoms aren’t doomed to high school and chat AU fics after all. 

Just do whatever you want, try to improve as much as you can, joke about death and wanting to die (because when is Dazai ever more relatable?). No one should ever make you feel bad about your fandom participation. 

(But also I love Ango. He’s a mess who got himself into a mess that was out of his control. I will fight for Ango.)

That’s all. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

rb for soiledsorrow’s commentary, and emphasis on:


BLESS. thank y'all for saying it. i’d put it on the @dazaiscans blog but i haven’t talked it through with the other mods yet

February 06 2018


I get really uncomfortable around PDA (Publically Displayed Anime)

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my persona 5 au where everythings the same except akechi has an instagram account thank you all for listening 

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me trying to comprehend anything anyone says to me

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“Mean girls. 1895”

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…holy shit

None of the characters ever figure this out because they stop taking math at age 11

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oh, for real

9 year old kid: bad word? what bad word?


overbearing bad influence meerca, bursting back in through the door he left from 12 seconds later: ALSO DONT GOOGLE THAT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 05 2018

But honestly, I think the real reason why Dumbledore never checked on Harry is:


Dumbledore: Not to worry, Minerva.

Dumbledore: I have put so many wards on the Dursleys’ house that nobody will ever be able to monitor Harry.

Professor McGonagall: But…how will WE monitor him?







mods are asleep post archaic smile

i hate this hey mods awake

February 04 2018

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If you’ve ever wondered how lakes are stocked with fish, here it is! Thousands of native fish are being dropped from an airplane. Video is from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

this is so funny to m

Goodbye bitches

PetSmart Fish Lady:  You have to be very careful not to jostle the goldfish, then let him sit in the bag in the tank for an hour to let his temperature adjust to your tank, and then carefully pour it into the water.

Utah Fish Official: BOMBS AWAY FUCKERS

‘Sound Of Silence’ Begins To Play. In Seconds, Haunting Performance Takes Everyone’s Breath Away






I do not watch figure skating for reasons. This is absolutely beautiful.  They are so well physically matched, they are like one being. Neither tries to outshine the other. Go watch it.

…holy crap. Talk about in sync with each other.

holy shot how even?!

1, this is worth a view because it’s gorgeous skating.

2, someone stop me because I don’t know nearly enough to work my way through an Awaken the Stars ice skating AU.

Besides, only @deadcatwithaflamethrower knows if Django knows how to skate.

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clint mcelroy: mentions the car his character drives

taz fans who dont know shit about cars:

leave us alone we can’t fucking drive we’re all bottoms.

February 03 2018

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The Index-Journal, Greenwood, South Carolina, August 6, 1952

every time millennials say they have the darkest sense of humor, the cold war generations have a little giggle


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