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October 23 2017




“wow this person is gross but their art is so good tho :c”

ew don’t be so fucking spineless. An artist’s work is of no value if it came from a place of hate. These stupid little comments are enabling. 

This is despicable. Art and artist are separate entities. It doesn’t matter who the person is, the art is what matters. You don’t get to decide what art has intrinsic value.

Hold on I forgot to put this on the original post.

thomas edison was a world-class dunderfuck but you won’t catch me going without lightbulbs the rest of my life. what someone puts into the world only has as much meaning and use as the world ascribes to it. it is not determined by the creator’s shitty attitude. If something’s good, it gets used. alexander graham bell wanted to fuck over deaf people with the invention of the telephone (he genuinely thought sign language was evil and deaf people should be content to be social pariahs and die) but ten bucks says op isn’t willing to get rid of their smartphone. Not that they should; it may have come from a place of hate, as the op puts it, but the phone now has texting, which includes deaf people in the conversation again. The world was handed something gross and came back with something better, because all creation is a conversation that isn’t over yet.

if a product pushes an agenda, it’s up to you whether or not to consume that agenda. but if it exists separate from that, no sane person can pretend that it suddenly has no intrinsic value just because the creator was repulsive.

so yeah, choose not to watch any films directed by child molesters if that’s how you feel you can best make a statement. but there’s no point in pretending that going to see such a film automatically makes any rando a molester apologist. that’s the dumbest goddamn thing i’ve ever heard.

October 05 2017









I keep seeing people asking ‘is solarpunk really punk?’ because it’s too happy and optimistic and stuff

and I’m picturing a perfect moment in a solarpunk community — the neighbourhood mayor standing with a shit-eating grin on her face when the cops come and cut them off from city power, and nothing turns off

This is my absolute favorite example of how solarpunk is punk. Also, Detroit (and a lot of other places) could probably use something similar for water. Especially in places where it’s illegal to harvest rainwater. I dunno, maybe water tanks cleverly designed as yard art?

Like… yeah it’s happy and optimistic, but my view of solarpunk at least is in complete defiance of many capitalist ideals so if that’s not punk … ‘Punk’ isn’t edgy, dark and gritty. Not to me. Building a society completely based on renewable resources, accessibility for all, and constant sharing is a big fuck you to the current system if you ask me.

Exactly. Near future solarpunk especially requires rebelling against the current system. Punk is about defiance (at least that’s what it’s come to mean colloquially). Defiance doesn’t have to be destruction and violence and grit, it can look like stubborn creation and community building and rejecting many of the dominant system’s values. 

Wait. Why would harvesting rainwater be illegal?

There’s an interpretation of the concept of property that says if something has value, then someone should be getting paid for it. Despite being flatly absurd and riddled with obvious logical flaws, this has been one of the major philosophies of property in the US, in some contexts (including water) for over a hundred years. This Washington Post article gets into it in detail. 

According to this logic, if there are water suppliers in a region, then they’re entitled to money when people get water. Collecting rainwater for yourself gets around that, so, in this concept of property, it’s a form of theft.

There have also been legal battles over people growing food in their lawns, generating their own electricity, etc. If you’re looking to extricate yourself from the systems wherein you have to serve the interests of specific wealthy people to survive, many parts of the western world are ready to use the force of government intervention to stop you.

I feel like a big chunk of the ‘dark, gritty’ aesthetic punk is associated with came as a reaction to the bright, glamorous ‘American Dream’ imagery and patronizing ad campaigns of the 50s.

But now that we’re being sold “The future is bleak and dirty and there’s nothing you can do about it,” being optimistic and cheerful is the most punk and rebellious thing you can do

This is an extremely well put point.

…you guys realize collecting rainwater was only ever illegal in two states (one of which no longer has that law) and the other of which is fucking nevada, which was sucked dry by the nestle corporation stealing all the water and causing a fucking drought, right? y'all know those laws were a short-lived victory for environmental conservationists right before nestle said ‘fuck it’ and started stealing water off native american land, right? RIGHT?

it’s not illegal to harvest rainwater on the scale you’re talking, for personal use. the law was literally only passed in nevada to prevent massive corporation-scale collection, not your neighbor Theo with his two big oil drums full of rainwater in his backyard. nobody gives a fuck about Theo. especially when, if someone gives him shit about it, he can kick the cans over and say “what rainwater collection?” and there’s fuck-all anyone can do about it

October 04 2017

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A match made in hell

Lord, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Zestiria

October 03 2017



“What business have people who call might right to worship Odin? The whole point about Odin was that he had the right but not the might. The point about Norse religion was that it alone of all mythologies told men to serve gods who were admittedly fighting with their backs to the wall and would certainly be defeated in the end. ‘I am off to die with Odin’ said the rover in Stevenson’s fable, thus proving that Stevenson understood something about the Nordic spirit which (Nazi) Germany has never been able to understand at all. The gods will fall. The wisdom of Odin, the humourous courage of Thor (Thor was something of a Yorkshireman) and the beauty of Balder, will all be smashed eventually by the realpolitik of the stupid giants and misshapen trolls. But that does not in the least alter the allegiance of any free man. Hence, as we should expect, real Germanic poetry is all about heroic stands, and fighting against hopeless odds.”

— C. S. Lewis, First and Second Things

Just curious how many people actually know this about Norse mythology? Yes, the gods do in fact know that they’re going to lose Ragnarok, but it doesn’t stop them from fighting. 



Having a sibling or three really like….gave you interpersonal skills and moral exercises from an early age that people who were only children had to learn later on, because nothing makes your brain work overtime than having a ride or die relationship with someone who you would suplex through the dining room table in a second if they touched your shit, but you’d also stand up and take the blame for some shit if you knew it wasn’t their fault or stepping in and swinging if they were being bullied by someone else

Also gives you a keenly honed ability to lie, wide-eyed and plausibly and at the drop of a hat, because you definitely had Nothing To Do With This Situation, How Could You Even Think This Of Me, Papá

i don’t have an ink pen or fancy paper so how about




minktober day 2

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#1 tweet of the century

Lmao took me 3 mins to figure it out

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Distortions and distractions are by Trump design.

The Department of Homeland Security contacted election officials in 21 states Friday to notify them that they had been targeted by Russian government hackers during the 2016 election campaign.

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That’s it. That’s the best tweet. We can all go home now.

October 02 2017


there is not a single logical argument against having stricter gun laws and I swear to god if yall bitch one more time about “it’s my second amendment right” ill scream bc that amendment was written before machine guns were even dreamed of so frankly if you wanna walk around with a fucking musket and gun powder then feel free but for fuck’s sake don’t pretend like the founding fathers were saying “yes jim I think you should walk around with a gun capable of killings hundreds of people in a few minutes that sounds fantastic”

1826 2017 390





idk about yesterday’s total. Maybe like $150 with the 5 pairs of earrings?

Yeah I lifted a vibe from spencers too. A label on the side said there was a security device enclosed. That was a lie.

what the FUCK this bitch stole LOBSTERS that’s some real next level shit

i cannot comprehend this if i try G-d enters my head and blocks my vision in a flash of blinding light

love how y’all honestly think this is the first time a homicidal eldritch monster clown with a taste for children has been sexualized by a fucked-up fanbase

as if hisoka were a fever dream or some shit


this is an appreciation post to the people who created the artificial gravity controls in star trek. no matter the emergency, no matter how little power the ship has, no matter how completely nonsensical it is for it to function, that thing is. not. turning. off. 

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Complete set!!!

x | x

August 13 2017

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ok here’s an explanation I’m done now

I love how we all know exactly what this is about

OR the authors from each parallel universe swapped, and the new author went to the publisher like “you got the name of the series wrong??? also my surname??? what is going on” and they quickly changed it, never questioning this strange change over a person they’d known for years.

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August 12 2017

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Makes me wonder what they’d write if he were white and had a past he was trying to move on from. I hate the media #Racism 

His name is Aaron Tucker.

Okay, number one, journalists are straight-up forbidden from using a person’s name unless it is a household name because if you say “Aaron Tucker did a cool thing” people don’t ask “hey what happened”, they ask “who the fuck is Aaron Tucker and why do I care?”  Number two, how do you know the writer wasn’t actively trying to change the way our society thinks about ex-cons?  Callin him by his name in the article title doesn’t help his situation, or those of any other ex-con who deals with a boatload of shit because of the stigma associated with the title.  This way, even people just skimming headlines might stop and think, “hey, maybe not all ex-cons are bad people.  Maybe people currently in prison are good people who just made a mistake, or were imprisoned unfairly.  Maybe our prison system and our prisoner-reentry systems are flawed because they screw over fine upstanding citizens, like a guy who skipped his job interview to save lives.”

Might do a fuckload more good for society as a whole to mention his status as an ex-con, demeaning and reductive as it is.  The title really boils down to “Ex-cons are good people!” and here you all are, demanding they revise it so that only Aaron Tucker is credited with being a good person.  I promise you, he’s not alone.

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But they aren’t documented so they wouldn’t be pa…..nvm

This is a huge misconception for regular Americans. When the government uses the phrase “undocumented” they’re using it incorrectly because if they were truly undocumented then they would’ve be in system. However these immigrants are in the system and they pay taxes, file tax returns and get no benefits that citizens and legal residents get. They also get to see ICE showing up at their doors because the government has their addresses. Fun fact. “Undocumented” workers pays $12 billion dollars every year in taxes. https://www.google.com/amp/www.forbes.com/sites/niallmccarthy/2016/10/06/how-much-tax-do-americas-undocumented-immigrants-actually-pay-infographic/amp/

Reblogging for info.

“Undocumented” just means “without papers,” i.e. a social security card, valid visa, etc. They’re still on databases and whatnot, they just don’t have the documentation that allows them to reap the benefits.

so if it didn’t click- the government is aware of their presence and gladly taking their money under the table while simultaneously promoting the idea that undocumented people are a threat and encouraging hatred and distrust of them
it’s super messed up, literally the scheme of an evil villain, and it’s really happening

🗣 undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles contribute more to the GDP than the state of Montana and like 5 other states

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